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Studio Rental

Pulse Media is expert at working with public relations firms, corporate communications professionals, and product marketing specialists. We excel at bringing your videos to life. Working directly with our clients, we generate creative treatments, production schedules, and budget estimates, outlining a variety of approaches to every project. We break down our services by line-item and delineate every phase of production, so that you can clearly see the value and results of each stage of the process– from scriptwriting through shooting, editing, review and delivery.


Fiber Cast and Satelite Uplink

Pulse Media’s fiber feed service enables clients with the ability to get same-day footage fresh from the field and our full live-shot capabilities also allow a studio guest to become a virtual keynote presence at a one-time event, or connect instantly with a host or audience for a memorable live broadcast exclusive. We also offer a full range of live video capabilities that include satellite uplink and mobile truck options for live events, roadshows, and remote broadcasts.


To find out more about our rates for Studio Rentals, Fiber Cast or Satellite Uplink call us at 617-923-4646