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Post Production      

Pulse Media’s post-production team regularly applies its established storytelling chops and eye-grabbing command of visual language to projects for broadcast and corporate marketing clients alike. Whether organizing footage, framing narrative content or creating visually-driven communications— our editorial team cuts online marketing and training videos, feature documentaries, tv pilots and broadcast spots, all with an attention to detail and an ear for narrative excellence.

The design-driven versatility of our motion graphics department is demonstrated by our ability to translate dense information and technical content into sleek animation and memorable transitional imagery. This steady creative output is a result of our being highly attuned to client messaging and brand-standards, when creating videos for broadcast, events and cross-platform campaigns.

  • We can provide on-site editing using non-linear or tape-to-tape editing.
  • We also offer tape feeds via fiber, and satellite truck uplinks.


full Non Linear Edit Specs in pdf rate sheet. request a QUOTE


$175.00 $1,500.00












This isn't your average edit suite
these features are at your disposal...

-20 Terabytes of Hard Disk Space

-Edit HD Footage, 1080p, 2K and 4K

-Source from & Record to:

---DVCProHD, XDCamHD 422, HDV,

---DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVCam,

---PAL DVcam, or MiniDV

-Source from DVCPro, DVCPro50, BetaSX

-Parametric Equalizer with Real-Time Effects

-Photoshop, AfterEffects, Boris FX

-Cinelook, Ultimatte

-Waveform and Vecotorscope

-Real-Time SD to HD conversion